Glacier 1000 Women's Long

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For higher trekking peaks and those camping in the depths of winter this more generously sized bag offers oodles of warmth and protection.

Good Night's Sleep Temperature -21°C/-6°F
Comfort -11°C/12°F
Comfort Limit -19°C/-2°F
Extreme -42°C/-44°F
Total Weight 1480g / 52.2oz



  • DRILITE® LOFT™ II outer shell is lightweight, breathable and water resistant
  • 948g of 90-10 Pure Duck Down with a minimum fill power of 700
  • Mountain fit with zoned EXL® system is both spacious and thermally efficient
  • Trapezoid baffles and slanted box-wall baffles
  • Mid-level side seams
  • 5 baffle anatomically shaped hood
  • 6 baffle anatomically shaped and offset foot-box
  • Full length Gemini™ zip baffle and integrated collar with Lode Lock™ closure
  • Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube
  • Weight : 1480g / 52.2oz